Overcome Skin Cancer with Precise and Effective Mohs Micrographic Surgery

Mohs Micrographic Surgery in Orchard Park NY Area

When you are diagnosed with skin cancer, it may sound like the end of the world, but you can be relieved to learn effective treatments exist. Orchard Park Dermatology is a leading dermatology office in Orchard Park, New York, so you can rest assured you are in good hands if you want skin cancer treatment

Dr. Peter Accetta offers effective in-office treatments and works with other specialists to ensure you get the best care. While we provide several skin cancer treatments, we have now forged partnerships with top-rated surgeons to offer Mohs micrographic surgery – a conservative treatment for skin cancer.

Understanding skin cancer symptoms

Detecting skin cancer is relatively straightforward, as it manifests on the skin—an easily visible area. You can get skin cancer anywhere in your skin, from your scalp to your toes, including areas rarely exposed to sun. 

The common symptoms of skin cancer include: 

  • A new spot in the skin
  • A spot that doesn’t heal or becomes crusty
  • A painful, itchy spot
  • A wart-like growth
  • A changing mole or a mole that looks different from others
  • Black or brown streak under the fingernails

Spotting skin cancer doesn’t mean you must memorize the long list above. A dermatologist often sums it up this way. If you see a spot in the skin that bleeds, itches, changes, or is different from others, see a skin doctor right away. 

Actual Patient Results

Before After results of Skin Cancer Treatment Orchard Park, NY

Understanding Mohs micrographic surgery (MMS)

Also called margin-controlled excision, the Mohs technique is a specialized surgery to remove cancerous skin while leaving as much of the healthy skin intact. This surgical procedure is highly successful for basal and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) – the two common types of skin cancer. 

Our clinic doesn’t offer Mohs surgery, but we work with skilled surgeons to ensure you get the best results. The Mohs surgeon will spot the cancerous area and mark it with a pen for easy reference. You’ll be awake during the procedure, but the surgical site will be numbed for maximum comfort. 

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The doctor will use a scalpel to excise a precise layer of the visible cancerous tissue. Some skin cancers may be the “tip of the iceberg,” meaning they have no visible extensions. As a result, we’ll do some lab work to determine the extent of your cancer. The doctor will temporarily bandage you as you relax, waiting for the lab results.

If the cancer is still there, the doctor will anesthetize your skin again and remove more tissue. This process continues until all the cancerous tissues are eliminated. Once the site is clear of cancer cells, the doctor may choose to stitch it or leave it open to heal naturally. Sometimes, you may need a skin flap (skin graft) or plastic surgery to close the wound. The final touch-up depends on the size and location of the cancer.

Benefits of Mohs surgery

Mohs technique offers numerous benefits. Some include:

  • Precise treatment while maximizing the conservation of healthy tissue
  • Minimal downtime
  • Effective for skin cancers with a high risk of recurrence
  • Minimally invasive procedure

To learn more about skin cancer treatments, make an appointment with our Board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Peter Accetta. To contact us, please call (716) 675-7000 or request an online appointment

Dr. Peter Accetta, MD, FAAD

Dr. Peter Accetta is dedicated to developing and preserving his patients' skin's health and brightness. Dr. Accetta is a dermatological board-certified physician who graduated from Fordham University and the University at Buffalo Jacobs School of Medicine. He is a member of both the American Academy of Dermatology and the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery.

He likes all facets of dermatological practice, but he is particularly interested in general dermatologic therapy and skin cancer care. He specializes in photodynamic therapies.

When you put your trust in Dr. Accetta and his staff, you can expect prompt attention to your requirements, competence, experience, and real compassion.

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