Deeper chemical peels deliver dramatic results

When skin needs significant improvement, Medium and deep chemical peels can be good choices. In the care of Dr. Peter Accetta in Orchard Park, NY, this treatment is carefully controlled, for predictable results.

What do Medium and Deep Chemical Peels do?

A chemical face peel resurfaces skin by removing damaged outer layers. A peel exfoliates chemically, rather than surgically as with dermabrasion, or ablative laser resurfacing.

Peels refine the texture of skin, reduce wrinkles, and improve pigmentation irregularities.

Types of chemical peels

Medium and Deep chemical peels resurface the skin without surgery or laser and can be a very cost effective alternative for significantly improving the appearance of your skin/

Medium depth peels use a combination of acids and are particularly effective for exposing age spots and blotchy couplexions. Often there is also improvement in fine lines as well.

Your skin will peel for seven days and new skin will appear fresh and pink with pinkness fading over the next few weeks. Cosmetics can be applied after day seven.

Deep chemical peels are very effective at improving lines that are present when your face is at rest. This peel is an excellent choice for vertical lip lines and other lines around the mouth as well as wrinkles around the eyes and cheeks. The recovery  for this peel is approximately 12 days and improvement can be dramatic. Deep peels require commitment to about two weeks of healing time. However, at Orchard Park Dermatology, extra steps are taken to ensure a comfortable patient experience. Application of the chemical is carefully monitored, and aftercare instruction contribute to prompt recovery. After skin crusts and peels, new pink skin is revealed. Within several months, pinkness fades to a smooth, even complexion. Wrinkles are softened, and skin is luminous with improved elasticity.

Before After Chemical Peels

Why Orchard Park, NY patients choose deeper chemical peels

  • Medium Depth peels are safe for all skin types – even dark tones
  • Peel strength can be customized to match your exact skin type.
  • The patient is sedated for a deep peel, and sometimes with local anesthetic to further relieve discomfort
  • Only one peel treatment is needed
  • Freckles can be permanently eliminated
  • Results are remarkable and long-lasting
  • Chemical peels are more cost effective than comparable treatments with similar results, such as laser skin resurfacing

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