Dermatologist in Orchard Park, New York offer options in skin cancer treatment

Skin cancer is a serious medical condition that, without proper treatment, can have a grave outcome. Patients in the Orchard Park, NY area count on Orchard Park Dermatology for accurate diagnosis and effective care.

Recognizing signs of skin cancer

Learning to recognize characteristics of cancerous moles is an important step in protecting yourself. What does skin cancer look like? Its appearance can vary a great deal, but the following ABCDE list helps in identifying suspicious lesions:

  • Asymmetry – If you split the mole, the halves would not look similar.
  • Borders – Scalloped or jagged edges.
  • Color – Bluish, unusual, or multiple colors.
  • Diameter – Larger around than a pencil eraser.
  • Evolving – Change in elevation, shape, size, or color, or itching, crusting, or bleeding.
Before After results of Skin Cancer Treatment Orchard Park, NY

 If you notice any of these symptoms, please schedule right away for proper diagnosis and to discuss skin cancer treatment options.

Skin cancer treatment in Orchard Park, NY is tailored to your needs

The three common skin cancers are basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma. Each type responds differently to various treatments. At Orchard Park Dermatology we will perform a biopsy and explain the most appropriate treatment options.

Your personalized strategy is tailored not only to the diagnosis, but also your skin type, overall health and personal circumstances, as well as the stage of cancer. Dr. Peter Accetta at Orchard Park Dermatology will recommend the most conservative method that will eradicate cancer.

Treatment may involve one or a combination of these techniques:

  • Skin cancer surgery — Excision involves removing the lesion and some surrounding tissue, then suturing the site.
  • Curettage and desiccation — The lesion is removed with a surgical instrument, and an electrical current is applied to kill any remaining cancerous cells.
  • Cryosurgery — Applying liquid nitrogen to freeze the lesion.
  • Prescription topical medications — These creams stimulate your body’s immune system to eliminate slow-growing cancer.
  • Mohs micrographic surgery — This specialized technique is not performed at Orchard Park Dermatology, but we will provide a referral to a Mohs surgeon when appropriate. Mohs surgery can be a good choice for lesions near the nasal tip or those that have been treated in the past and recurred.
  • Radiation therapy — This treatment may be recommended for an advanced or persistent lesion or one in a hard-to-treat location.

Your skin is unique. At Orchard Park Dermatology, your skin cancer treatment is, too. Call (716) 675-7000 to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Peter Accetta, MD, FAAD

Dr. Peter Accetta is dedicated to developing and preserving his patients' skin's health and brightness. Dr. Accetta is a dermatological board-certified physician who graduated from Fordham University and the University at Buffalo Jacobs School of Medicine. He is a member of both the American Academy of Dermatology and the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery.

He likes all facets of dermatological practice, but he is particularly interested in general dermatologic therapy and skin cancer care. He specializes in photodynamic therapies.

When you put your trust in Dr. Accetta and his staff, you can expect prompt attention to your requirements, competence, experience, and real compassion.

Peter Accetta, M.D. strives to make a difference in the lives of his patients by providing the highest quality care in a comfortable environment.

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