Kybella treatment for patients in the Orchard Park area– because one chin is enough

Countless people, even younger adults in good physical condition, have excess fat beneath the chin. Double chin gives the impression of extra pounds overall and adds years to the face. Fortunately, patients in the Orchard Park, NY area have an FDA-approved treatment option that does not involve cutting, sutures, or liposuction. Kybella injections have become a very popular treatment at Orchard Park Dermatology.

Fat-melting injections

Deoxycholic acid occurs naturally in the human body, helping to break down dietary fats for absorption. Kybella puts that scientific principle to work for aesthetic improvement. When placed into submental fat below the chin, the active ingredient in Kybella destroys fat cells. The body eliminates treated fat cells naturally so they may no longer accumulate lipids.

Injection lipolysis involves administering carefully-controlled doses of a prescription deoxycholic acid into precise points under the chin. Skin is numbed with topical anesthetic, and treatment takes only about 15 minutes.

Before and After Kybella Treatment

There is some swelling and tenderness after Kybella injections, but it is easily managed with over-the-counter analgesics and ice packs. Otherwise, there is no downtime – you may return to work following the appointment, wash your face normally, shave, or wear makeup.

Most patients see noticeable change within a month of the first treatment, and continued improvement as fat is flushed from the body and collagen builds in skin. Most patients will do two sessions spaced six weeks apart, and will achieve noticeable improvement. Up to six sessions, spaced one to two months apart, may be recommended for optimal fat reduction, but subsequent sessions could require fewer injections.

Kybella helps Orchard Park, NY patients look thinner and younger

A defined jawline, strong profile, and slender neck – these traits are associated with youth and attractiveness in our culture. Yet many factors contribute to unwanted submental fat:

  • Genetics – a family history of a heavy neckline
  • Poor posture
  • Overall weight gain
  • Aging

 The adult body does not produce new fat cells after the age of puberty, so once fat is destroyed in the treated area, it is gone for good. With a healthy lifestyle, the improvement from Kybella is long-lasting. The ideal Kybella patient is at or close to normal weight and under the age of 60. This is a link to a demonstration video.

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Kybella Injection, Non-Surgical Double Chin Removal Treatment

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