Overcome Skin Cancer with Precise and Effective Mohs Micrographic Surgery

Mohs Micrographic Surgery in Orchard Park NY Area

When you are diagnosed with skin cancer, it may sound like the end of the world, but you can be relieved to learn effective treatments exist. Orchard Park Dermatology is a leading dermatology office in Orchard Park, New York, so you can rest assured you are in good hands if you want skin cancer treatment.  Dr. Peter Accetta offers effective in-office treatments and works with other specialists to ensure you get the best care. While we provide several skin cancer treatments, we have now forged partnerships with top-rated surgeons to offer Mohs micrographic surgery – a conservative treatment for skin … Continue reading

Achieve Healthy, Youthful-looking Skin with DiamondGlow®

Diamond Glow Facial in Orchard Park NY Area

If you are like us, you are always looking for solutions to keep your skin looking healthy and youthful. We’re happy to introduce DiamondGlow® facial to make a difference for your skin. Whether you have wrinkles, dry skin, uneven skin tone, or other skin flaws, Orchard Park Dermatology in Orchard Park, New York, uses DiamondGlow to achieve brighter, smoother, more luminous skin. If your face could use a minimally invasive anti-aging treatment, please schedule an appointment today with our Board-Certified dermatologist, Dr. Peter Accetta.  How DiamondGlow works DiamondGlow is a multi-dimensional dermabrasion device that uses diamond tips (you heard that … Continue reading

Achieve a Beautiful, Wrinkle-free Skin with Botulinum Toxin Injections

Botulinum Toxin Injections in Orchard Park NY Area

As you grow old, it’s not just your hair that shows your age — your face develops fine wrinkles and lines as your skin loses its volume and elasticity. Orchard Park Dermatology in Orchard Park, New York, can help preserve the glow of your skin with Botulinum Toxin (Botox) injections. Dr. Peter Accetta and his team go the extra mile to make you look beautiful by offering effective yet safe dermatological treatments.  What causes wrinkles in your skin? As years tick, your skin cells divide, and the skin’s inner layer — the dermis — begins thinning. This robs your skin … Continue reading

Skin cancer removal options tailored to your needs in Orchard Park, NY

Skin Cancer Removal Options in Orchard Park Area

While skin cancer more often occurs in older adults, it is a potentially deadly disease affecting people of any age or skin type. At Orchard Park Dermatology, we provide skin cancer removal and treatment options tailored to each patient’s individual needs to help achieve the best possible outcomes and minimize scarring. How to recognize skin cancer Skin cancer can manifest in various ways depending on the type of skin cancer and how advanced it is. The best way to monitor skin cancer is to see your dermatologist every year for an annual skin check. However, it is necessary to be … Continue reading

PRP for hair loss: a natural treatment option available at Orchard Park dermatologist

Hair Loss Dermatologist in Orchard Park Area

If you are one of the millions of men and women who have experienced hair loss, you are not alone. Losing your hair can take an enormous toll on your self-confidence but knowing that you have options is essential. At Orchard Park Dermatology, dermatologist Dr. Peter Accetta is proud to offer a non-surgical, medication-free treatment option for men and women suffering from hair loss: platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. PRP: harnessing your body’s regenerative potential The use of platelet-rich plasma has exploded in recent years in various medical and aesthetic settings, and for a good reason. PRP is an all-natural solution … Continue reading

Erase forehead lines and restore masculine contours with dermal fillers for men

Forehead Fillers for Men in Orchard Park Area

Aging affects everyone, no matter what our gender or skin type is. As we get older, our skin creates less collagen, deep wrinkles set into areas such as the forehead, and youthful volume begins to fade from the temples, cheeks, and under the eyes. Additionally, sun exposure and environmental pollutants also take a cumulative toll on our skin. Orchard Park Dermatology offers men a variety of options such as dermal fillers to restore their youthful, masculine contours and turn back the clock on their appearance. How dermal fillers work Not long ago, the only option for erasing wrinkles and rejuvenating … Continue reading

What To Expect During an Annual Skin Cancer Screening

Annual Skin Cancer Screening in Orchard Park NY Area

At Orchard Park Dermatology, our dermatologist Dr. Peter Accetta diagnoses and treats hundreds of cases of skin cancer every year. Whether you’re doing a self-check or are diligent with skin cancer screening, here are some signs to look for and what to expect from a check-up with the doctor.  Skin Cancer Early Detection is the Key to Victory As the most common type of cancer in the US, skin cancer is a definite concern. However, specific types of individuals have higher risk factors for developing the condition. These traits include people that are or have: A history of skin that … Continue reading

How to maximize the benefits of Botox injections

Botox Injection Benefits in Orchard Park NY Area

If you’re thinking about how you can improve your appearance and look younger, you’ve likely considered Botox. Widely known for its ability to transform looks and turn back the hands of time, Botox is a well-known cosmetic injectable that smooths fine lines and wrinkles. Many patients find that Botox benefits their appearance when addressing horizontal lines across the forehead, crow’s feet, or lines around the lips and nose. The treatment can also be used to offset a ‘heavy brow.’ If you’re considering Botox, Dr. Peter Accetta of Orchard Park Dermatology in Orchard Park, New York, offers the following tips to … Continue reading

The benefits of injectable fillers for men

The Benefits Of Injectable Fillers for Men Orchard Park

No matter how well you take care of your skin and body, aging eventually takes its toll on your appearance. Just like you dress well for special occasions, a youthful facial appearance can help set you up for success throughout life’s many important moments. At Orchard Park Dermatology, we offer a variety of treatments for men to help rejuvenate your appearance while maintaining your natural, masculine contours, including injectable fillers. Dermal fillers for men Men and women are affected by the aging process differently. While the underlying reasons for aging skin are the same—sun exposure, declining collagen levels, volume loss, … Continue reading

Smooth, glowing skin: amplify your micro needling results with PRP

Microneedling With PRP Results Glowing Skin Orchard Park

Microneedling is a procedure that has been used for many years to help soften, firm, and tone skin that has lost its youthful radiance. Now, patients in the Orchard Park, New York area, can amplify the already amazing results that micro-needling provides by combining it with platelet-rich plasma (PRP), a natural treatment that harnesses your body’s own healing and regenerative powers. Platelet-rich plasma explained “Platelet-rich plasma” may sound like it is something that came out of a science fiction novel, but it is actually a completely natural treatment that is produced from a simple blood draw, similar to what you’d … Continue reading

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