Orchard Park dermatologist explains what microneedling really does to your face

What Microneedling Really Does to Your Face in Orchard Park area

Microneedling—it’s all the rage, but the name and idea of it may give you more than a little apprehension. Below, Dr. Peter Accetta, dermatologist at Orchard Park Dermatology in Orchard Park, NY, explains what microneedling really does to your face, what the procedure is like, and why it is so effective. What is microneedling? Microneedling is a procedure where a highly qualified and trained professional uses a device called a “microneedling pen” to gently penetrate the skin by creating over 1,000 microchannels per second. The device contains very fine, surgical-grade needles that oscillate to create controlled trauma to the skin. … Continue reading

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