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Dr. Accetta is very profession and efficient. His nurse Kelly Brady, LPN is most congenial, personable, informative and likeable nurse I have ever had a chance to meet.  
D.W January 2019

I'm always treated very well. Everyone is so nice!
S.H December 2018

Chelsea Dodd, Esthetician- Very Social, Very thorough, treatment done very professional and she has a very uplifting personality.
S.D. December 2018

Couldn't ask for better treatment. Emily is excellent and so was her assitant.
November 2018

Your office is beautiful. It's decorated so nicely!
S.P- November 2018

Susan Peterson is very efficient and has taken care of my for years. She has my skin under control and I am very happy with her services. She is very easy to talk to and staff is excellent too!
November 2018

Karen is the best! Always polite and professional! 
R D- 20+ year patient -September 2018

Susan is professional, knowledgeable and pleasant. Her advice on skin care is appreciated.
September 2018

Dr. Accetta, Thank you for being one of th ebest preceptors I have had. You took so much time our of your day to make this a great rotation. Your staff is truly one of a kind and so welcoming. Thank you for everything
O.M - Dyouville Student September 2018

My experience here was excellent  as all questions were answered. Staff was excellent (Elizabeth)-- Very Professional! All made for a good visit.
August 2018

My dealings with several different people at this office have been excellent. They all know there business. Thank you 
June 2018

Dr. Accetta and Syndney were fantastic with everything.  Syndney explanations of all she did during my preparation process was very informative and caring. Dr. Accetta followed that up with more information and the surgery was efficicent. Thank you so much!
May 2018

I was very happy with Dr. Accetta and Kelly, all went very well!
April 2018

I was very pleased with the service I received at O.P.Dermatology on 4-2-18. Very Courteous Staff! 
April 2018

The doctor and staff are very pleasant and helpful.
March 2018

Everyone from receptionist to Emily who helped with Dr. Accetta  to Dr. Accetta himself were very kind and compassionate.
February 2018

Dr. Accetta and staff; when it comes to any surgery I am a total basket case even as a Vietnam Vet but you and your Staff made my the experience a comfortable experience. All were so kind, understanding and professional going out of your way to assure me in every way I was under the best of care. I highly recommend you to all of my family and friends. What a great bunch as a Patient and Vet I thank you ALL!
February 2018

Karen you're the best! I've never experienced going to a doctors office and being treated better than I was by you. You were very understanding, compassionate and re-assuring to help me over-ride my being upset with the procedure. Thank you!
F.F November 2017

Just wanted to thank Dr, Accetta and staff for another very pleasant and enjoyable experience . You really do a wonderful job at making a patient feel relaxed and at ease on what could be sometimes a stressful visit. Your professionalism and down to earth personality are a breath of fresh air! And a special thank you to your assistant Elizabeth who really went above and beyond at making sure I wasn't in need of anything . Thanks again..
C.S. November 2017

Very satisfied with appointment and wait time.
J.S. August 2017

Dr. Accetta, I just wanted to thank you and your staff for your attentiveness and patience with me. You and your staff are always willing to meet with me, explain things and reassure me. I’m grateful for everything you have done. 
B.G. August 2017

Susan  was extremely professional, thorough, kind, informative and very knowledgeable. Plus she had a great sense of humor!
H.D August 2017

My Experience was AWESOME! 
L.E August 2017

I would like everyone to know my check up was great from a past ear surgery. Great Job Dr. Accetta and team. I will be referring others to the office. Thanks
C.E. July 2017

So glad I have found such a great group to help me take care of my skin. Thank you for all you do!
G.C. July 2017

I've been very satified with everyone since I've been coming. Polite, personal and professional.
J.C. July 2017

The entire staff was very pleasant and helpful with any questions or concerns I had. Thank you!
C.W. April  2017

I was in the office for surgery and the whole staff was great! 
T.G April 2017

Mary Canna was extremely thorough, kind, informative, and very knowledge. 
R.A March 2017

Karen and Joey were so kind and efficent. Very personable! Made the procedure more relaxing. Thank you
M.P  March 2017

I would like you to know that I have been with Dr. Accetta for 20years and he an excellent doctor.
R.B March 2017

Susan and Chelsea are fantastic! Susan is always pleasant and easy to chat with during the appointment. 
M Feb 2017

I would like you to know that my service was great! Friendly and knowlegable staff. No waiting on scheduled appointment, and documentation for procedures is very helpful.  

P.F. Feb 2017

My care was excellent! I was treated by Dr. Accetta and assisted by Joey. They both were extremely patient and kind, but most important did what they had to do. Thank you
G.D Feb 201

I would like you to know how thankful I am for the care and excellent treatment I received during surgery.
T.F Feb 2017

I would like you to know that I'm "very satisfied" with all! Dr. Accetta and staff are wonderful and very professional. Office runs like a Swiss watch. 
D.B Jan 2017

I would like you to know your office staff is friendly and Susan Peterson is amazing as always!
J.W Dec 2016

Thank you for your kindness and outstanding care!
J.K. Dec 2016

Thank you Susan and staff for the great check ups always!
B.H. Dec 2016

I cannot thank Susan enough for her compassionate care and for always taking time to answer all questions and  concerns. You are such a wonderful healthcare professional!! 
M.B.A Dec 2016

I can't express enough how professional yet approchable Susan was during my appointment. She is kind, mindful, empathic and efficient with so much expertise. Great job, thank you!
Joy Nov 2016

All the staff is doing a wonderful job, keep up the great work! 
Nov 2016

I would just like you to know that my visit was pleasant, comfortable, and an easy time with Dr. Accetta. Keep up the good work everyone!
Rita Nov 2016

Susan is the best. SHe is caring, thorough and so nice! She is a great asset to the staff. 
Pauline B Oct 2016

I just want to thank you for your exceptional care in treating my skin cancer. You and your entire staff do a wonderful job.
Dan C. Oct 2016

Dr. Accetta is always friendly and competent. He has great staff of PA's and assistants.
James R. Oct 2016

Susan Peterson, PA is wonderful, very helpful and kind.
Kathleen R. Oct 2016

I would like you to know that I came in for my annual check-up with Emily G and received outstanding attention and service from the reception to treatment to "next appt." Great Job!
Sept 2016

I would like you to know that Mary C is awesome and the staff is great too! 
Sharon C Sept 2016

I enjoyed my visit today with Susan and Chelsea K. Susan always makes me laugh and Chelsea K is a nice addition to the staff. Keep up the good work, see you in 6 months. 
Jim S. July 2016

Chelsea Snyder was friendly, professional, and very helpful. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a skin profession/ dermatologist.
 R.A. June 2016

Thank you Dr. Accetta, Susan and complete staff for you professionalism, expertise, knowledge, kindness and compassion. You are all incredible.  
Cindy D. June 2016

Reason for visit: Skin cancer - Caught and treated my melanoma and continued to help me
be the healthiest and feel the best me possible.
Francine B.
MAR. 2016




















Reason for visit: Skin Care - Thank you Susan so much for doing such a great job at helping me fight the aging process.
C.B. FEB. 2016


Reason for visit: Botox - I would like you to know how much I love my Botox treatment.  It instantly made me look and feel younger while still looking absolutely natural.
L.B. JAN. 2016


Dear Dr. Accetta,
Just a moment to let you know I think your staff is this best, from the girls at the desk
(Linda, Sharon, & Kristie) to the rest...A special call out to Linda Vogel, who is always
so caring as well as Emily and Susan.

M.S. JAN. 2016


I would like to share the experience I had at your office today.  It was very positive.  Your staff was friendly, professional and extremely knowledgeable.  I was put at ease and treated very well.  It was the best medical experience visit I have had in the past five years.  Thank you very much.
Barbara P. DEC. 2015

I would like you to know how happy I was to come in and see how clean the office is.  Very nice and the nurses are supper nice.
NOV. 2015

Reason for visit: Botox - Susan Peterson is marvelous & thoughtful and knows what she's doing.  Great bedside manner.
J.K. NOV. 2015 

Everyone is pleasant and professional.  Great customer service and office decor pleasant.  Susan is beyond Wonderful!
D.K. NOV. 2015













Reason for visit: skin cancer - Dr. Accetta has removed several Basal Cell Carinoma's on face.  He has done an excellent job.  No scars.  Thank you.
APR. 2015

Reason for visit: surgery - Thank you Dr. Accetta for saving my life 5 1/2 years ago.
APR. 2015

Reason for visit: skin check with Dr. Accetta - Everyone is always very nice & treated professionally well.
R.E. APR. 2015

Reason for visit: surgery - My surgeries have been painless and quick healing.  Looking Good!
MAR. 2015

Reason for visit: surgery - I have been coming to Dr. Accetta for 17 years and have been pleased with all skin cancer surgeries.
JAN. 2015

Reason for Visit:  6 month appointment with Dr. Accetta.  At my first meeting with Dr. Accetta years ago, I instantly was so very impressed by his manner, thoroughness and kindness.  He put me at ease.  Most of all he has located trouble spots and completed successful surgery.  I consider him my friend and I admire him as a trusted wonderful professional.  I am so very fortunate and blessed to have met him. 
Judy K.  August 2014

Reason for Visit: Skin Cancer & Check Ups with Dr. Accetta. That I have been with Dr. Accetta for many years and I think that he and his staff are very professional.  I'll never trade him for anyone else. 
Edward M. August 2014

Reason for Visit-Routine with Dr. Accetta   Friendly-Competent -Concise.  I have nothing to complain about.  I would recommend Dr.Accetta.
August 2014

Employees-Very Well Trained         Procedure-Professional        Environment-Excellent       Dr. Accetta-Outstanding

Reason for Visit: Skin Cancer Screening.  Emily is thorough and professional.  She offered suggestions for maintaining healthy skin.  I have condifence in Emily.
  R.S.  July 2014

Reason for Visit: My annual preventative checkup with Dr. Peter Accetta.  I would like to say that Dr. Accetta has always been very gracious, professional, informative and caring.  He has always put me at ease with regard to my past treatment as well as during my annual visits.  The office atmosphere is bright and cheery and all of the employees have been very helpful as well.  I have also had appointments with Susan in the past as well and she is also very thorough and professional.  Thank you to all for making my appointments as stree free as possible.
Kenneth D.  July 2014

Hello, Dear Appointment Person!  I must find your name when I call again.  I am the lady who called from my car last Thursday on my way to your office.  I was so sorry to cancel my appt but was having "a spell" as my grandmother would have said.  You were so very thoughtful to follow up by calling my home-that was so appreciated.  All is well ( I saw my doctor and I will call again soon to reschedule.  Thank again for being so nice-that was an awful day!  Sincerely Eveyln B.  July 2014

Thank you so much for finding an appointment when I brought my dad in following a severe reaction to the medicine he was putting on his lip.  I knew that first time appointments are booked weeks in advance, but being a patient at your practice, I knew that your "can do" staff would be able to help us at his time of need.  Thank you again for going the extra mile to help my dad.
S. Gibson & Family  July 2014

Reason for visit:  Annual Check-up with Emily Gottstein  Both Elizabeth and Emily were professional and pleasing. Emily thoroughly examined me and explained everything and answered my questions. 
Theresa W.  July 2014

I just received my 6 month check up with Dr. Accetta.  The staff is excellent and so is the care I have received.  The office is relaxing and runs very smoothly.  I am very greatful to be a patient of Dr. Accetta and any of his associaates. 
Julie O.   July 2014

I had my first appointment today to see Susan Peterson and Keri.  The ladies in reception greeted me like an old friend and made me feel right at home during my 5 minute wait.  Susan and Keri were ever so professional and gracious.  They took time to listen to my concerns and explained every detail to me.  I was also informed I could call with any questions or concerns.  Booked a 6 month return visit and look forward to seeing everybody again.  I will recommedn this practice to all my friends.
  Nancy D. July 2014

Excellent care received from Susan Peterson and her assistant Sheena.  Best check up I've ever received.  I will continue to be a patient in the future. 
Frank P.  July 2014

I had 5 appointments this year and probably 3 appointments in 2013.  Received excellent care by every attendant and of course from Dr. Accetta too. W.Clark, May 2014

Reason for the visit:  Surgery with Dr. Accetta-I was very pleased with everthing. The young girl that assisted Dr. Accetta was wonderful to me. Thank YoU,
Sheila F. May 2014

Reason for Visit:  6 month checkup/follow up with Dr. Accetta and Sheena.  Professional and caring doctor and staff.  Would highly recommend to anyone. 
Marie M.   May 2014

Reason for Visit: 6 month check/areas of concern with Susan Peterson, PA-She's great! 
Patricia J. May 2014

Reason for Visit: Yearly check with Emily Gottstein, PA.  Everythings Great, Emily is Great!
May 2014

Reason for Visit:  Check moles and growths with Susan Peterson, My visit was done is a timely manner.  Procedures and what was found was explained, my questions were answered throughly, Pleasant Visit 
Mike A   April 2014

Reason for Visit: Pre cancer ear spots with Emily Gottstein, I was very pleased with the care given,
Jerold M April 2014

Reason for Visit: Surgery with Dr. Accetta, I am very pleased with the results of my procedure.  The staff was most considerate and helpful.  Doris R.  April 2014

Reason foar Visit;  Surgery with DR. Accetta, I appreciated that they walked me through the procedure.  No surprises and they were so gracious to accomodate my inability to lay on my side-Thank You,
Joyce B. Aparil 2014

Reason for visit: Re check on nose with Susan Peterson,PA  So friendly and helpful, very enjoyable and thorough.  Sharon was great too. 
Marilyn W.   March 2014

That Susan and Sharon are always so nice !!  It's a pleasure to come for appointments, Thanks
Michael C. March 2014

Reason for Visit: Upper Body Exam with Dr. Accetta, Linda and Melissa, very nice people in the office and dedicated. Edward A.  March 2014

Reason for Visit: Regulard skin cancer check up with Dr. Accetta.   Exceptional treatment and pleasant staff. 
Richard M. February 2014

Reason for Visit: 6 month checkup- Full Body with Dr. Accetta.  I am fully satisified with how I am being taken care of.  All the staff are very nice and the Dr. is fantastic.
Norman H.   February 2014

I was seen on 1/9/14 by Susan, PA Amie and Elizabeth.  The care I received was outstanding.  Susan took the time of explain the treatment options and what I could expect.  This is one medical appt. that I look forward to.           
   Terry    February 2014

Great Blog!
  Jim  February 2014

Went for my checkup today as always Doctor Accetta was very thorough, his staff very helpful and friendly. A very good visit
February 2014 Wayne L.

Dr. Accetta, I would just like to let you know what a great and efficient staff you have starting with the secretaries, assistants and RPA (namely Julie, Anita, Emily RPA, intake secretary and especially Shirene).  Very, Very professional. Nancy P. January 2014

Dear Dr. Accetta and Ladies,  I don't know how to "do" (computers)this review, but you have my persmission to reprint it for me at your web site if you choose.  To whom it may concern.  I am a long time, completely satisified  and grateful patient.  Dr. Accetta has taken superb care of my skin cancer over these past fifteen years.  It is a pleasure to visit his office.  His nurses and techs are happy and most pleasant.  The doctor is re-assuring and pleasant.  He puts me at ease.  He educates and informs me.  He "knows his stuff".  I have sent a few patients to  him and they too are pleased and satisified.  Long may they all stay in practice. 
Muriel G. January 2014

Dear Susan and Kerry  Thank You both so much!  I had many questions yesterday regarding the applications of Juvederm and Botox.  Susan you are such a good listener and provided me with not only detailed information regarding each product, but practical advice and products that I could use immediately for the significant sun damage to my skin.  Thank You Kerry for recording all the information that I would have forgotten by the time I got home. You have a wonderful team and staff and Orchard Park Dermatology
  Laureen S.  December 2013

I was not able to provide feeback via "", so I'm submitting here.  My annual check up as always, went well.  The upbeat and positive attitude of the staff was apparent from the time I arrived until the time I walked out the door.  I was examined by Susan who was assisted by Jenn; both courteous and professional.  Thanks. All the best. 
John B.   December 2013

Dear Dr. Accetta, Want to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the treatment given to me at your facility.  As you know, on 12/2 you performed an excision on my shoulder.  There has been no pain or discomfort of any kind post this procedure.  Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to the nurses on your staff.  They were professional, affable and most importantly skilled in their trade.  By the way, for your information sir, on Thursday your excellent handiwork allowed me to complete a full chest/tricep workout without a hitch.  The site is healing perfectly (Praise the Lord) and hasn't bled a drop. In today's litigious society people are so quick to act on what they perceive as a wrong to their rights.   It is imperative to accentuate the positive and act when treated well, fairly or exceptionally.  It is in that spirit this letter was conceived.  Thank you sir and thank you ladies.  God Bless you all, Merry Christmas,
Joe D.   December 2013

Dear Susan and Assistants,I wanted to write and let you know how satisified I am with my Juvederm.  I love the way it makes me feel on the inside-a tad younger and happier.  Thank you again for your talent and expertise.  Sincerely,
Carol R.  November 2013

To The Staff of O.P. Dermatology, I do not have a computer, however I'd like to share my experience with your staff, Dr. Peterson and Dawn.  Dawn has a warm manner of speaking, a truly caring rep of your office.  Dr. Peterson so warmly welcomes me each time.  She is very professional, knowledgeable and gives the opportunity to express concerns.  It is a pleasure doing business with her.  Sincerely,
Carol S.   November 2013

Emily, Thank you for much for performing my cyst removal surgery in June.  I definitely felt at ease and in the hands of a skilled doctor.  It has healed up very nicely.  I can't believe what a slim scar it is and I'm guessing it'll get even better with more time.  I'm so happy to have my "quasimodo" bump gone and to wear tank tops again ( with sunscreen, of course!) Many Thanks,
Rachelle G.    September 2013

Thank you for a very pleasant visit.  Your staff, Susan Peterson, Sharon and Sheena were extremely professional, informative and caring.  Thank you again for making an apprehensive visit much more relaxed and less stressful for me.  Marie M.  Spetember 2013

Dr. Peter Accetta and the Receptionist and Scheduler,  Thank you to the receptionist and scheduler who got me into see the doctor earlier than October 1st.  Being a breast cancer survivor, I was alarmed when I saw unusual cells on my nose.  I was treated very well and it was a positive experience.  Thanks to all, nursing staff included.  Sincerely,
Terry D. July 2013

Dear Susan,    I wish to express my appreciation and thanks to you again for monitoring and treating my skin cancer problems and keeping them small problems, rather that humongous ones.  The visit may be medical, but they are certainly laced with socialibility.....
Walt  July 2013

Dear Susan,    Thank you for your professionalism and kindness to my husband and me yeaterday.  We go to many physicians and think you and your staff are exceptional and think your new office is special .. .. 
Marilyn H.   May 2013

We just wanted to thank you for volunteering so much of your time and energy to help us organize the skin screening!  We couldn't have done it without you!  137 patients were screened with a couple of potential melanomas.  We though the screening went so well, we hope to do it with you again next year.            Thanks again....
Molly C. and Emily F.,  Medical Students At University of Buffalo   May 2013

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