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Sclerotherapy is the treatment of choice for spider leg veins.  A tiny needle is inserted into the vein and a foam solution is injected.  One injection often treats many interconnected veins.  There is very little discomfort when using foam.

Dr. Accetta has been performing Sclerotherapy for more than 20 years.  He works very quickly and will inject dozens of veins during a single session.  Most patients have all of their problem areas treated during a single session.

Repeat sessions, if needed, are scheduled 6 weeks apart.  Most patients can achieve 85 % improvement after 3 sessions however many are satisfied with the results they see after one or two sessions.

Prescription compression stockings are worn for one week after treatment to maximize results, but there are no other restrictions.  Exercise, swimming and jogging can all be resumed immediately after treatment.

Blue and red “road map” veins respond best.  Consultations are free.  Please wear or bring loose fitting shorts and we will see if your veins could benefit from Sclerotherapy. 











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