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Kybella is the FDA approved non-surgical option to permanently dissolve the fat pad underneath the chin. This “double chin” does not go away with diet or exercise and until Kybella the only options were liposuction, facial plastic surgery, or a neck lift. 

The Kybella treatment consists of multiple small injections directly into the localized fat pad beneath the chin. Tenderness and swelling are typical and resolve in a few weeks. A second treatment is scheduled after one month. There is no “down time”, no bandage and you can return to work immediately.

Is Kybella right for me?

Kybella injections are designed to treat small concentrated areas of fat. Patient who are very overweight or those with lots of excess sagging skin are not good candidates. Kybella dissolves stubborn fat but does not directly tighten skin. The improvement in neck contour results as skin naturally shrinks as the fat pad dissolves just like when you lose belly fat.

Results vary but definite improvement is noticed after two treatments and this improvement is permanent. Patients with larger necks or fat pads may elect to do more than two treatments but most will be satisfied with two.

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