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Posts for tag: car

By Emily Gottstein RPA-C
July 16, 2013
Category: Sun Protection
Tags: UV   Driving   car   skin cancer   wrinkles  

I recently went to a conference for the Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants. While listening at one of the lectures, the speaker reminded us that front windshields of cars are often polarized. That helps protect against UV rays while driving. However, it is too expensive for car manufacturers to polarize the side windows. This means that you are getting UV exposure to the left side of your face and body while driving. Remember, sun damage is cumulative, so all that driving is UV exposure. Not only are you at higher risk of getting skin cancer but those damaging rays cause premature aging, wrinkling and brown spots on the left side of your face. Don't believe me? Check out this picture I found of a gentleman who has been a truck driver for 28 years! His years of driving has caused significant aging to the left side of his face. Apply your sunblock every morning and you'll fight premature aging while driving!

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