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Posts for tag: anti-aging

By Dr. Peter Accetta, M.D.
January 26, 2017
Category: Skin Cancer

    Did you know that regular use of sunscreen at any age reduces the incidence of all skin cancers and decreases the incidence of squamous cell cancer by a whopping 40%. Surprisingly in the United States only 30% of women and 15% of men use sunscreen regularly and 39% of American households have never purchase sunscreen.

    Each year we treat more than 1000 skin cancers in our office mostly on patients who readily admit to not wearing sunscreen. Sunscreens are also proven to prevent brown spots and wrinkles so why not get into the habit, reduce your risk of getting skin cancer and keeps looking good while doing it.

By Dr.Peter Accetta, M.D.
January 11, 2017
Category: Skin Care

    Environmental skin aging resulting in wrinkles, irregular pigment spots and sagging has long been attributed to excessive sun exposure but new evidence shows that airborne particulate matter and noxious gases in air pollution are also damaging to exposed human skin. 
    The World Health Organization has declared that air pollution (outdoor and indoor) is the largest single environmental health risk and most of it comes from fuel combustion. Studies regarding effects on cardiovascular and pulmonary systems looked at exposure to traffic related particle emissions and this prompted researchers to also look at effects on the skin.
    They found that women living within 100 yards of a busy road had more facial brown spots and wrinkling than women living further away from traffic. Similar findings were found in Chinese woman cooking indoors with solid fuels and we have also known for a long time that tobacco smoke causes wrinkles by degrading collagen.
    Fortunately advances in sunscreen technology are keeping pace with these new findings. Better sunscreens have long incorporated physical blockers like zinc and titanium dioxide to protect against environmental pollutants and now the best sunscreens contain potent antioxidants as well.
    Products like SkinMedica Total Defense and Repair protect us from both ultraviolet light and airborne pollutants with zinc oxide and also contain potent antioxidants to help repair aging skin.
    If you want to maximize your home both skin protection and skin repair schedule a consultation with our esthetician today.


By Emily Gottstein, RPA-C
July 28, 2014
Category: Skin Care

We would like to share some exciting news! We are hosting an open house and a chemical peel event next month! It will be held on Monday, August 18, 2014 from 3-7pm right in the foyer of our office. Our Licensed Aestheticians will be present to discuss products and cosmetic treatments offered in our office. We decided to title the event "Glow and Go" because we are offering a free chemical peel to the first 24 patients who register to attend. This peel is specifically designed to illuminize your skin and give it a glow! There is a registration fee of $100 to reserve your spot. However, your registration fee can be used to purchase products.

There will be live demonstrations of Botox and cosmetic fillers such as Juvederm. Our Physician Assistants, Susan and Emily, will be available to discuss these procedures and they may be able to perform a treatment for you that evening as well. There will be refreshments available and a basket to raffle off too! Call our office to reserve your spot. Space and time is limited to take advantage of these and other opportunities only offered that evening!

By Emily Gottstein, RPA-C
January 29, 2014
Category: Skin Care
Tags: skin cancer   wrinkles   Retinol   anti-aging   sunscreen   fine lines  

With the New Year upon us, we've made resolutions. Some of us want to be healthier or make more money. Perhaps your resolution is to take better care of your skin! I hope that it is! You may not know where to begin though, with all of the different products that are on the market. You may also wonder how to start a skin care regimen without spending alot of money, as some products are very expensive. I am going to share with you how to begin a skin care regimen that will cost about $100!

Skin care doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. The first product that you should invest in is a good sunscreen! It is a proven fact that sunscreen not only prevents skin cancer but slows down the aging process of our skin. You should use a sunscreen that contains zinc oxide or titanium dioxide alone or in combination of at least 6%. These are mineral sunscreens that sit on the surface of our skin and don't disappear until we sweat, swim or wash them off. We carry a very elegant sunscreen made by SkinMedica. This sunscreen also contains antioxidants that help fight free radical formation on our skin. We carry a variety of other sunscreens as well by Blue Lizard and Solbar. All are inexpensive and you can pick them up in our office, no appointment needed.

The second product you should invest in is a retinol. Retinols are commonly used anti-aging products. They are a topical form of vitamin A that help to minimize fine lines, wrinkles, help smooth the skin, even out pigmentation and give you more radiant skin. We carry three prescription strength retinol formulas in our office made by the company SkinMedica. If you have sensitive skin, you should slowly begin using a low strength retinol. There are many retinols that are over-the-counter as well. The retinols we carry are inexpensive and prescription strength but you don't need a prescription to pick them up in our office. Retinols can make your skin more sensitive to a sunburn so, it is very important that you use your sunscreen everyday!

These two products are the best and most inexpensive way to begin a skin care regimen. Together these products are about a $100 investment! By using these two products you'll be on your way to beautiful, healthy, glowing skin!


By Emily E. Gottstein, RPA-C
January 08, 2014
Category: Skin Care
Tags: anti-aging   antioxidants   food   skin   vegetables   glow   fruit   healthy   vitamins  

Happy New Year! Hopefully, one of your resolutions is to take better care of your skin this year. It is after all, the largest organ of our bodies. Our skin helps to keep us warm or cool us down and protects us by helping to keep out bacteria. So, we should try to protect our skin! We talk a lot about taking care of our skin by moisturizing it and applying sunscreen regularly, which continues to be vital to skin health. The health of our skin also relies on the nutrients that we put into our body. Eating well is equally beneficial to our skin! Here is a list of some foods that positively impact both our overall health and the health of our skin.

Avocados- This fruit is placked with Biotin, which helps keep your hair, skin and nails strong. They also contain a high amount of vitamin E and the good-for-you fats that help keep the skin supple and moist!

Carrots- This delicious vegetable is packed with beta-carotene which is converted into Vitamin A in our bodies! You may have heard that Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant that can help fight free radical formation in the skin. Therefore, it help decrease sun damage. Topical forms of vitamin A (also called retinols) are used to treat many skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis and also used as a powerful anti-aging product.

Kiwi- This furry fruit contains vitamin C which helps keep the skin bright and wrinkle free. It can encourage your skin to repair itself better and can even stimulate some collagen growth. Collagen is vital to the elasticity of our skin!

Radishes- This veggie is packed with vitamin A and C, phosphorus, zinc, folate, calcium, selenium and silicon. Some of which helps fight free radical formation on the skin and some just help with a healthy natural glow.

Green Tea- Green tea is full of free radical fighting antioxidants and Polyphenols.

Oysters- Though not liked by all, oysters contain a lot of zinc, which aids in skin cell renewal!

Almonds/Walnuts- Nuts contain omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E, all which keep your hair shiny and your skin smooth and soft.

Tomatoes- You are probably aware that tomatoes have lycopene, which is a great antioxidant for the skin. They also contain asthaxanthin and carotenoids, which help maintain skin elasticity.

Eggs- Lutein is the nutrient present in eggs that is great for the eyes but, lutein also maintains skin elasticity.

Artichokes- Artichokes contain a ton of antioxidants and aid with skin luminosity.

Blueberries- Delicious and they contain tons of antioxidants to help fight premature skin aging!

These are just some examples of healthy foods that can provide positive benefits to your skin! Some foods are more tasty than others... enjoy!

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