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Posts for tag: Retinol

By Emily E. Gottstein, PA-C
August 06, 2015
Category: Uncategorized
Tags: Retinol   sunscreen   anti-oxidants  

We would like to make you aware of our August specials. We have extended our sunscreen special into August as it is such an important part of your skin care regimen. If you purchase any of our premium sunscreens, you will receive half off of a second sunscreen. Remember, we recommend sunscreen with an SPF of 30 and at least 6% of zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. We carry sunscreen with the ingredients that we recommend right here in the office for your convenience.

Anti-oxidants and retinol are also important in skincare. We also have a special on Retinol products and Vitamin C&E Complex. If you purchase one of the those products you will receive half off of a second product or purchase two products and receive one for FREE! Unfortunately, you cannot mix and match these products.

If you are interested in learning more about these products or the rest of the wonderful line of products we carry in our office, you can make a free skin care consultation with our esthetician, Linda!

By Emily E. Gottstein, RPA-C
April 06, 2015
Category: Skin Care
Tags: Retinol   Skin Medica   sunscreen   Lytera  

We wanted to make you aware of a special we are having this month! If you purchase a Lytera Skin Brightening System during the month of April, you will receive a coupon for 10% off of your next purchase of Lytera Brightening Complex! The system is part of the skin care products that we carry by SkinMedica. The Skin Brightening system includes:

  • Skin Medica Facial Cleanser
  • Lytera Skin Brightening Complex
  • Daily Physical Defense Sunscreen 
  • Retinol Complex 0.5 or 1.0

Lytera helps to brighten your skin with a combination of powerful anti-oxidants and retinol. Together they help to even out and brighten your skin tone. If you are not sure if you are a candidate for the Lytera Skin Brightening System then I encourage you to have a FREE skin care consulatation with Linda, our aesthetician!

By Emily Gottstein, RPA-C
February 18, 2015
Category: Anti-aging
Tags: wrinkles   Retinol   sunscreen   skin care   brown spots  

We would like to make you aware of a promotion we are running for all of February! If you purchase any strength Skin Medica Retinol this month, then you receive a free sunscreen! Retinols are important for maintenance of healthy skin! They are creams that can have a powerful impact on your skin. If you don't know, they are a topical form of vitamin A and when used they help slough off our skin cells more rapidly than normal. Retinols can help reduce brown spots on your skin and make it more even toned. They can minimize fine lines and wrinkles and also stimulate collagen production over time! That's why it's an important step in skin care! It is important to wear sunscreen daily while using a retinol because they make your skin more sensitive to sunlight. That's why we paired a sunscreen with a purchase of a retinol this month!

By Emily Gottstein, RPA-C
January 29, 2014
Category: Skin Care
Tags: skin cancer   wrinkles   Retinol   anti-aging   sunscreen   fine lines  

With the New Year upon us, we've made resolutions. Some of us want to be healthier or make more money. Perhaps your resolution is to take better care of your skin! I hope that it is! You may not know where to begin though, with all of the different products that are on the market. You may also wonder how to start a skin care regimen without spending alot of money, as some products are very expensive. I am going to share with you how to begin a skin care regimen that will cost about $100!

Skin care doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. The first product that you should invest in is a good sunscreen! It is a proven fact that sunscreen not only prevents skin cancer but slows down the aging process of our skin. You should use a sunscreen that contains zinc oxide or titanium dioxide alone or in combination of at least 6%. These are mineral sunscreens that sit on the surface of our skin and don't disappear until we sweat, swim or wash them off. We carry a very elegant sunscreen made by SkinMedica. This sunscreen also contains antioxidants that help fight free radical formation on our skin. We carry a variety of other sunscreens as well by Blue Lizard and Solbar. All are inexpensive and you can pick them up in our office, no appointment needed.

The second product you should invest in is a retinol. Retinols are commonly used anti-aging products. They are a topical form of vitamin A that help to minimize fine lines, wrinkles, help smooth the skin, even out pigmentation and give you more radiant skin. We carry three prescription strength retinol formulas in our office made by the company SkinMedica. If you have sensitive skin, you should slowly begin using a low strength retinol. There are many retinols that are over-the-counter as well. The retinols we carry are inexpensive and prescription strength but you don't need a prescription to pick them up in our office. Retinols can make your skin more sensitive to a sunburn so, it is very important that you use your sunscreen everyday!

These two products are the best and most inexpensive way to begin a skin care regimen. Together these products are about a $100 investment! By using these two products you'll be on your way to beautiful, healthy, glowing skin!


By Emily Gottstein, RPA-C
July 25, 2013
Category: Skin Care

Want to know some secrets to keep your skin looking youthful and radiant? There are many non-prescription products you can use to keep your skin looking fantastic and these products are actually no secret. In fact, two go-to products were featured this month in Allure magazine. Skin Medica Tri-Retinol Complex was one of those featured products. For those who don't know, retinols are a gold-standard treatment to minimize fine lines, wrinkles and reduce hyperpigmentation! The second product featured is Skin Medica TNS Essential Serum! This product is packed with growth factors, peptides and anti-oxidants to fight free radical formation. It is advanced technology for your skin to rejuvanate it, minimize wrinkles and improve the texture and tone of your skin. Not only do we recommend these products for you, we use them too! These powerful products are available to you in our office without a prescription and are necessary skin care products for your anti-aging arsenal!

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