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By Susan Peterson, RPA-C
July 23, 2013
Category: Skin Cancer
Tags: Sunbathing  

Many people perceive that they look thinner when tanned.  We live in a time when physical appearance is important and many think that being bronze is associated with being healthy which can ce a "weird contradiction."

With the American Cancer Society predicting 77,000 new cases of skin cancer and 9,000 deaths in 2013, we know that skin cancer is the most common malignancy in the United States.  In addition, there is a rapid incline in melanoma rates. 

So why do people still sunbathe?  There are three main possibilities according to most physicians. 

One:  A brain high is achieved that makes them feel happy.

Two:  A vitamin D issue for strengthening bones.  (Not enough of a benefit to risk skin cancer.)

Three:  An invincible feeling that nothing will happen to me especially among young adults.

Remember the next time you want that tan, some of the statistics and the potential outcomes of being diagnosed with a skin cancer.

If nothing else, think of the aging effects and wrinkling that occur on unprotected skin with sun exposure.


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