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By Mary Canna, PA-C
March 01, 2016
Category: Sun Protection
Tags: sunscreen  

Have you ever heard this saying? SLIP/SLOP/SLAP/SEEK/SLIDE  It's something I heard recently and thought I would like to share it because it sums up sun exposure issues in a few words.  So you may ask. What's it all about?  Well it's a fun way to keep in mind the fundamentals of skin care in the sun.  Things we can all do to prevent aging and skin cancer.  Nobody likes wrinkles, am I right?  So the sooner we start protecting our skin the better off we are!  Everybody let's SLIP on a long sleeved top, SLOP on sunscreen, SLAP on a hat, SEEK shade, and SLIDE on sunglasses!  Then we can all enjoy the sun with no worries the "S" Way


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