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By Susan Peterson, PA
March 23, 2016
Category: Skin Care
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Have you ever heard this word?
Well, we all know that those of you in my age group are looking for Botox and fillers and home care products for reJuvenation.  We have an array from which to choose.  With these choices, we can individualize your treatment for the BEST YOU!

For those younger, the goal is to age gracefully.  Visible lines and draping may be a few years down the road for those in their 20's and 30's.  By examining the movement of your facial muscles, we now have the ability to preJuvenate before lines, wrinkles, creases and spots begin.

So we can reJuvenate and preJuvenate!

All of us love to look our best.  It makes us feel better.  Why not start with what others see?  When you feel better, you look better!

It is a delight for me to help you look and feel better!  Put a little "SPRING" in your step, and get an uplifted outlook for the season with a fresh reJuvenated or preJuvenated face for all to see!


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