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By Susan Peterson RPA-C
June 23, 2013
Category: Sun Protection
Tags: SPF  

It turns out that according to a recent article in the June 16th Parade magazine you may be able to protect your skin not only by using your sunblock as directed, but by your diet.  It states that a cupful of strawberries daily will offer a healthy dose of sun-guarding antioxidants.  Five tablespoons of tomatoes consumed each day for 12 weeks will reduce your risk of sunburn.  Drinking a cocoa beverage containing 3.5 ounces of dark chocolate will help to lessen the damage from UV rays.  Four grams of omega-3 fatty acids daily for three months will double the body's immune protection against low level of UV light.  And leafy greens may help to reduce the risk of sunburn.  Hey, all these foods are delicious and good for us according to all recent health journals, why not try another way to keep our skin healthy?  


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