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Posts for: April, 2016

By Mary Canna, PA-C
April 27, 2016
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It seems as if everything is coconut these days!  So let's talk about coconut oil and you.  Apparently there are many benefits that we can get from using coconut oil in both cooking and on the skin.  First off, the health benefits from cooking with coconut oil have been well documented, but did you know coconut oil is a great moisturizer too - who knew??

In a comparison study coconut oil did as well if not better than mineral oil.  But even better than that, coconut oil can actually decrease the amount of a bacteria that is found on the skin called "Staph".  Staph can cause skin and other infections and this is especially important for people with a kind of chronic rash called "Eczema".

Another benefit of coconut oil is that it is pretty safe and it helps your skin to hold onto its moisture longer.  So then, is there anything bad about using coconut oil?  Well only if you are allergic to one of its components.  There is something called cocomidapropyl betaine, which is a derivative of coconut and used in some products as a preservative.  Some people are allergic to this and therefore may have a reaction to coconut oil.  However, most people are not allergic to this and are able to use this natural oil on their skin with great results!

Coconut oil is available everywhere and is not particularly expensive.

So have fun going Cukoo for Coconuts!



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