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Posts for category: Skin Cancer

By Dr. Peter Accetta, M.D.
January 26, 2017
Category: Skin Cancer

    Did you know that regular use of sunscreen at any age reduces the incidence of all skin cancers and decreases the incidence of squamous cell cancer by a whopping 40%. Surprisingly in the United States only 30% of women and 15% of men use sunscreen regularly and 39% of American households have never purchase sunscreen.

    Each year we treat more than 1000 skin cancers in our office mostly on patients who readily admit to not wearing sunscreen. Sunscreens are also proven to prevent brown spots and wrinkles so why not get into the habit, reduce your risk of getting skin cancer and keeps looking good while doing it.

By Susan Peterson PA-C
February 16, 2016
Category: Skin Cancer
Tags: Celebrity   basal cell   sunsreen  

Remember Peter Brady from the Brady Bunch?  Well, he is 55!  How did that happen?  He now is among the growing list of stars surviving skin cancer.  Sun protection is part of his daily lifestyle since his diagnosis and treatment of basal cell skin cancer.  Make sunscreen part of your daily routine just like Peter!

By Dr. Peter Accetta
March 31, 2015
Category: Skin Cancer
Tags: melanoma   Botox   Juvederm   Belotero  

Susan, Emily and I are just back from Kauai where we attended a one week conference covering all that is new in medical and cosmetic dermatology.  The course covered the latest advancements in the treatment of skin cancer, highlighted new medications and there were live patient demonstrations of new dermal fillers including Belotero Balance.We had a chance to learn and share techniques with other dermatologic providers from across the country and have a bit of fun while we were at it.  After Kauai, Susan and Emily headed to Oahu for some relaxation while I headed back to the office to employ some of the gleaned from this excelllent meeting.   


 Susan and Emily at Waimea Canyon

By Emily Gottstein, RPA-C
August 13, 2014
Category: Skin Cancer
Tags: skin cancer   breast cancer   moles   skin exam  

It was recently reported in the Dermatology Times that there is a greater risk of a woman developing breast cancer if she also has a lot of moles. Separate studies were done in the United States and France. The study done in the United States revealed that women who had 15 or more moles on a single arm were 35% more likely to develop breast cancer then women who had no moles. There is a theory that estrogen is the common factor that influences the growth of moles as well as the growth of breast tumors. This study is another reason to make sure that both men and women have regular skin cancer screenings, as men are not immune to breast cancer. Remember to perform self skin and breast examinations also!

By Emily Gottstein, RPA-C
May 02, 2014
Category: Skin Cancer

While watching the NBC Nightly News last night, I caught a short story about gel nail polish. News anchor, Brian Williams discussed how the Dermatology Journal of the American Medical Association released a report. They estimate that only 24 exposures to UV light while getting a gel nail polish manicure may mutate the DNA in your skin and cause skin cancer.

Currently, we recommend that you avoid the UV gel manicures and ask the nail technician if they have LED light gel polish manicures, which are thought to be safer. Better yet, avoid it all together and as always, make sure you wear your mineral-based sunscreen everyday!

You can watch the story yourself at

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