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Posts for category: Melanoma

By Dr. Peter Accetta M.D.
March 09, 2016
Category: Melanoma
Tags: Untagged

Patients who have had a visit to a dermatologist for any reason are more likely to self-detect a future melanoma.  It has also been shown that these melanomas tend to be thinner and therefore have a better prognosis than melanomas developing on people who have never seen a dermatologist.

A study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology that these findings held true even if the prior visit to the dermatologist was long ago.

Education obtained at the dermatology appointment may improve early self-detection and having an established dermatologist may facilitate earlier evaluation and treatment.

By Emily Gottstein, PA-C
February 24, 2016
Category: Melanoma
Tags: skin cancer   melanoma   sunscreen   tanning   spray tan  

Sometimes in the evening after work, I enjoy watching the entertainment news shows to stay up on my pop culture. One of the stories this week was about Witney Carson. She is a dancer on "Dancing with the Stars." She revealed that she was recently diagnosed with the potentially deadly form of skin cancer, malignant melanoma, on her foot.

She is just a young woman at 22 years old.

Luckily, it was caught early and she was able to undergo a surgical procedure to remove the cancer. She did admit in an interview that she used to go to tanning beds to get "that glow" to her skin. This is just further supporting recent statistics that tanning beds are increasing melanoma rates in young women. This also shows, that melanoma affects us all.

It doesn't matter if you're a regular person or a famous dancer. It's always important to wear sunscreen on a daily basis and if you are looking for that glow to your skin then opt for a spray on tan!

By Chelsea Snyder, R-PAC
February 22, 2016
Category: Melanoma
Tags: melanoma   Tanning Beds  

Melanoma has been the new topic of concern. I am sure that each and every one of us can think of a person that we know who has been diagnosed with this type of skin cancer.

The stats of melanoma diagnoses have increased by 800 percent in women ages 18-29 years. This statistic seems shockingly unrealistic, but believe it! The rates of melanoma are increasing but why??? We think that tanning beds have a lot to do with this.

Tanning beds have been ranked as a class 1 carcinogen, meaning that that the deadly habit ranks amongst arsenic and cigarette smoking.

By simply tanning ONCE in a tanning bed, your overall risk of developing Melanoma increases by 20%! 

(Why are so many women getting skin cancer. Glamour magazine. May 2013.)

By Emily Gottstein, RPA-C
June 10, 2014
Category: Melanoma
Tags: sunscreen   ABCDE   immunotherapy  

There has been a hopeful shift in the treatment of metastatic melanoma. I followed up recently with a patient who has allowed me to share his story with you. You can read about him and some new advances in the treatment of metastatic melanoma on the link below. 

The mainstay of melanoma treatment is always prevention. We urge you to have your skin examined by a dermatologist at least once per year. You should also check your own skin for changes as well. Keep an eye out for the ABCDE's, which are the signs of melanoma on your skin. A stands for asymmetrical growths. B stands for irregular borders. C stands for color. Growths with multiple colors or dark colors should be examined. D stands for diameter. Growths should not be larger than a pencil eraser in size. E stands for evolution. Any change to skin growths should also be examined.

Of course, we also urge you to wear sunscreen everyday. We prefer mineral based sunscreens with 6% Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide.


By Emily Gottstein, RPA-C
May 28, 2013
Category: Melanoma
Tags: Dogs  

I recently had a patient that asked me, can dogs get skin cancer? Thanks to a recent publication by the Skin Cancer Foundation, I was able to answer this question. Dogs can get skin cancer too! It is more common for a dog to get a Melanoma than a Basal Cell or Squamous Cell Carcinoma. However, all are possible. Just like humans, heredity plays a role in the development of Melanoma in dogs. Darker haired dogs are more likely to develop melanoma, while light-haired dogs are more likely to develop Basal Cell or Squamous Cell Carcinoma. You can take steps to protect your dog from the sun by giving him a shady place to rest when outside. You can even buy sun protective clothing or doggie sunscreen at your local pet store. Don't forget to apply sunblock on yourself too! Of course, regular check-ups at the Dermatologist and Veteranarian can help prevent or catch skin cancers in early stages on you and your dog!

For more details, you can check out the article here:

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