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Our skin changes as we get older.  Some of the changes are hereditary but most changes are due to a lifetime of daily sun exposure.

Age spots (wisdom spots, barnacles of old age) are growths on the surface of the skin.  Appearing tan, grey or brown they most often have a waxy or dry surface.  Although you can’t prevent them, they like skin tags, are easily treatable with liquid nitrogen or cautery.

Almost all other skin changes are caused by the sun and can be improved or prevented with good skin care.  Good skin care starts with the daily application of a zinc oxide sunblock.  Summer and winter, every day no matter what.   Men after you shave and before you put your shirt on.  Ladies, after moisturizers and skin rejuvenation products, but before lipstick and powder.  Nothing you do going forward is more important than prevention.  Prevention = Sunblock.

If your young and sun damage is minimal then get yourself going on a good home skin care regimen.  Today we have products clinically proven to reduce and prevent fine lines and wrinkles.  These products contain human growth factors, peptides and antioxidants to stimulate and stabilize skin cells.  Ask us about Skin Medica which is the most advanced skin care line available anywhere (even Oprah is on it).

Roughness, blotchiness and fine lines will improve with a home care regimen but faster and more dramatic improvement will come with minimally invasive office treatments such as peels and microdermabrasions.  These procedures have little or no downtime.  Read about them here on our site.

Botox, Laser and Juvederm are other “anti-aging” treatments with little or no downtime.  Schedule a free consult with any of our providers to see what may be right for you.  

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